…(I love this city)

Hey guys! I’m Crystal!! I’m SUPER excited to go to Detroit for ASB 2012 and learn about the LGBT community. I am a sophomore in CAS and SED studying Neuroscience and Science Education, and I love cats (I plan on being a creepy old cat lady by the age of 25 #lifegoals). I’m from NEW JERSEY and I am obsessed with Grey’s Anatomy, the brain, and french fries. I can’t wait to get this started WOO!

Hey folks, my name is Cristie. I am way too excited about Detroit and am already counting down the days until Spring Break (107 days). I am a Junior in Sargent studying Occupational Therapy with a Clarinet Music Performance minor. I have a soft spot for jazz and an obsession with music and the arts in general. My favorite things to do always include a cup of tea, wonderful people, learning, creating, and changing. AKA I am just an old lady (seriously) at heart that loves to sit back and people watch and talk about the trees. Oh and I love cooking for people.

Come hang out with us during our office hours Thursdays 11-12!! We want to be your friend. 
p.s. look at our classy board square that can be found in the CSC.

This year the ASB trip to Detroit is going to be even more spectacular with a new site. We will be volunteering at Alternatives for Girls. AFG works primarily with prevention, shelter, outreach, and mentoring services for young girls ages 4-20 who are at risk for homelessness, teen pregnancy, gang violence, prostitution, drug use, etc. At this site we will be involved in a number of projects. We will keep y’all updated as we find out details (excitement).

We will also be volunteering at the Ruth Ellis Center, whose mission is:
    “To provide short-term and long-term residential safe space and support services for runaway, homeless and at-risk gay, lesbian, bi-attractional, transgender and questioning youth in Detroit and Southeastern Michigan.”
So while we count down the days to spring break we will share our obsessions for Detroit and the volunteering sites. Even though we are just getting started, navigating their websites alone is inspiring and it’s going to be a mindf…ASB- boggling? once there.