Hey guys! I’m Crystal!! I’m SUPER excited to go to Detroit for ASB 2012 and learn about the LGBT community. I am a sophomore in CAS and SED studying Neuroscience and Science Education, and I love cats (I plan on being a creepy old cat lady by the age of 25 #lifegoals). I’m from NEW JERSEY and I am obsessed with Grey’s Anatomy, the brain, and french fries. I can’t wait to get this started WOO!

Hey folks, my name is Cristie. I am way too excited about Detroit and am already counting down the days until Spring Break (121 days). I am a Junior in Sargent studying Occupational Therapy with a Clarinet Music Performance minor. I have a soft spot for jazz and an obsession with music and the arts in general. My favorite things to do always include a cup of tea, wonderful people, learning, creating, and changing. AKA I am just an old lady (seriously) at heart that loves to sit back and people watch and talk about the trees. Oh and I love cooking for people.

Office Hours:Thursdays 11-12 am
Email: buasbdetroit@gmail.com

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