February 14, 2012

I repeat, 25 days. This is fantastic. It’s like the ABC Christmas countdown! 

Currently Crystal and I are really good at being best friends. (Happy Valentine’s Day Coco!!) I am looking forward to getting to know her better on the trip as being in a non-school context and in our element of volunteering is more natural. Anyways, we asked our volunteer sites for recommendations of things to do in Detroit. Here are some of favorites:

  • Hamtramck Disneyland: is this eccentric place in this guys backyard. Apparently he loves it when people come and check out his collection.
  • Heidelberg Project: is this art installation that covers a few city blocks. THIS IS SO COOL. We can walk and hold hands and bond.
  • DIA: apparently this is a really cool place to hang out on a Friday night. There is live music and good things.
  • Detroit Riverfront/DeQuindre Cut: is a romantic walkway along the Detroit river, through a state park, and downtown. This will be a good place to get a feel for the city.
  • Motown Museum: all about Motown! Yeah, high five!

p.s this is my Coqueta when she was a puppy. She used to be cute.

More updates coming soon folks!


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