Hey y’all!

November 27, 2011

Greetings from Texas where fall break feels a little bit like a cool summer day.

Things accomplished over Thanksgiving break:

  • Sleep
  • Daydreaming about Detroit (so much to look forward to!)
  • Baking 
  • Baking dog treats
  • Catching up on Food Network with the pets and family
  • Taking my bunny to the park (she has a leash)
  • Multiple dosages of homemade ice cream (thanks Pops)
  • Watching television with my bunny 

Things not accomplished over Thanksgiving break:

  • Homework

My brother’s frenchie watched her doggie biscuits bake! She knew they were for her.

Pets + Biscuits = friends forever

A few things I am looking forward to about Detroit:

I hope y’alls break was as productive and relaxing as mine. Try to stay positive over these next few weeks. There is so much to look forward to like Detroit. Like Crystal said (pause, isn’t she the greatest?!) the two volunteering sites and housing sound fantastic. We are really going to be able to make a difference. Last year’s Detroit Co Bridget is crashing some office hours as well and is continuously vamping about this food cart that we must go to.  And current ASB CO Jack (Atlanta POH) went on the trip last year and loved it. All this positivity is inspiring. I can’t wait  to make our own memories and our own ASB experience. Sorta like being a family over grilled cheese and people watching and road tripping. 


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