Greetings from New Jersey!

November 27, 2011


So I told you guys I’m a cat person right? This is my kitty Syrita!! She looks super unhappy, but she’s actually really awesome 🙂

Anyway, Cristie and I CANNOT WAIT to be back on campus and start up our office hours again this week. Remember, we’re at the CSC on Thursday, 11am to noon, so you should come visit us!

We’ve been in contact with both our sites AND our wonderful housing contact. Everything is going great! Alternatives for Girls has already sent us a tentative schedule. A few things they have in mind for us: working with a project that provides training and resources for women exiting the sex industry, watching the residents’ kids while they do some chores (remember: AFG provides temporary housing for girls and women), cooking with the residents, some maintenance projects, and other activities. Sounds great right??? Ruth Ellis also gave us a few updates: they have “Drop-In” days, when we will actually talk to, interact with, and learn from the youth that comes in. The other days, we will be helping with various projects around the center. We’ll be getting more info from them soon!

And don’t get me started on our housing! Brother Paul Domin, our contact at the church we will be staying at for the week, has given me a great summary of where we’ll be staying. The church has a specific area for guests, meant to house 28 people (but we’re the only group staying there that week WOOHOO!), and we will have access to all the guest rooms and bathrooms. We will be separated by sex for our sleeping arrangements. We also have access to a kitchen, dining room, and living room. WE’LL BE LIKE A FAMILY! And guys, I make a mean grilled cheese 🙂

So I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving and a nice break overall. Please please email us at with questions, or stop by our office hours! Cristie and I are looking forward to hearing from you 😀 GOBBLE GOBBLE.


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