Thank you Detroit.

March 27, 2012

step on, Detroit,
dribble and shoot, pass and play,
struggle and fight, darken and light,
drive and impel, riot and quell,
pick the steel burrs off the cross-members at the front of the Jeep Cherokee,
look what we have made you
steam and steel, still
that’s how hard
I love you.

Our experience in Detroit was life changing. Ruth Ellis Center and Alternative for Girls really shaped our perspective of the Gender Focus issue area and the importance of continuing our awareness. Detroit is an inspirational city with encouragement blooming from each abandoned space. Detroit and its people are not classified by their condition but by their direction, creativity, and motivation to be better.

So thank you Detroit, AFG, Ruth Ellis, and volunteers.

This is our goodbye to ASB 2012. Next year’s ASB trip to Detroit, be ready. Thanks y’all.

Peace from Crystal and Cristie.



February 28, 2012

… and the countdown continues.

Hey friends, Crystal and I cannot wait to meet y’all at Pre-Break this Thursday. In case y’all missed all of our emails, Pre-Break is this Thursday at 7pm in Metcalf. Super fancy.

Detroit RiverFront Conservacy

The Heidelberg Project

Hamtramck Disney

Mhmm, life is awesome. See you in Detroit folks.


February 14, 2012

I repeat, 25 days. This is fantastic. It’s like the ABC Christmas countdown! 

Currently Crystal and I are really good at being best friends. (Happy Valentine’s Day Coco!!) I am looking forward to getting to know her better on the trip as being in a non-school context and in our element of volunteering is more natural. Anyways, we asked our volunteer sites for recommendations of things to do in Detroit. Here are some of favorites:

  • Hamtramck Disneyland: is this eccentric place in this guys backyard. Apparently he loves it when people come and check out his collection.
  • Heidelberg Project: is this art installation that covers a few city blocks. THIS IS SO COOL. We can walk and hold hands and bond.
  • DIA: apparently this is a really cool place to hang out on a Friday night. There is live music and good things.
  • Detroit Riverfront/DeQuindre Cut: is a romantic walkway along the Detroit river, through a state park, and downtown. This will be a good place to get a feel for the city.
  • Motown Museum: all about Motown! Yeah, high five!

p.s this is my Coqueta when she was a puppy. She used to be cute.

More updates coming soon folks!

By now, you probably noticed that the ASB Registration site is not working. DON’T WORRY. Registration will begin at 7 PM today instead!!

Gives you more time to think about how much you love Detroit!




January 25, 2012

Hey everyone!! Thank you to those who came to the Info Session yesterday! Don’t forget there’s another one today at 8 pm in the GSU Backcourt!!

Just wanted to let you all know that Cristie and I have new office hours! Here’s the sched:

  • Tuesdays from 3:30-4:30 pm in the CSC! Stop by to say hi and ask questions.
  • Wednesdays from 4-5 pm somewhere at the GSU. E-mail us at if you’d like to come see us then!!


  • January 24th and 25th at 8 PM in the GSU Backcourt!
  • Meet all of the ASB Coordinators, learn about every trip, talk to us and ask us questions!!
  • Learn about how registration (January 29th at 8 AM) actually works!
  • See how pretty I really am in person!!


  • Find us at the GSU Link tables all this week!
  • Participate in the scavenger hunt and win awesome daily prizes!
  • Do the scavenger hunt every day this week and win THE GRAND PRIZE WOAHAHSUAHDHAIHSNDFJ!!!
  • Lean about ASB in the process 🙂

Cristie and I would love to see you there. GO ASB WOOOOOOOOO!!!

I hope everyone had a great winter break and is ready to make the most of the spring semester. I know I cannot wait to see all the ASB Co’s and Crystal and all the ASB happenings to come. That’s right kiddos, we are going to be starting off the semester engaged in all the ASB love. 

1) Our chaperone Amneris! Amneris is an RA in south campus and lovesloves BU. She is currently a graduate student in the School of Social Work and is super excited for ASB. I feel like she is going to teach us wise things. 

2) ASB Information Sessions are coming up on January 24th and 25th at 8pm-10pm in the GSU backcourt. This is a great opportunity to swing buy and really see the trips up close and personal. Also if you have questions about registration, which is of course January 29th, you should definitely hit us up at the information sessions. 

In non-asb news my family got a puppy. Well rather a puppy horse. Not really, it’s a puppy english mastiff.

His name is Samson. He’s 100 pounds and only 9 months old. His parents are 250 pounds… He’s had training before we adopted him so he knows hot to sit, roll over, play dead, high five, etc. He’s soso cuddly. D’aw. 

Stay warm, Cristie.

Happy New Year!

January 2, 2012

Hey everyone!! I hope all of you had a great Christmas and rockin’ New Year’s Eve! 

So while we were at home enjoying New Year’s Eve with our family and friends, at home, at parties, on vacation, what were our peeps in Detroit up to?? Well, many of them were enjoying “The Drop,” a NYE event that is on it’s way to become a tradition. Taking place at Detroit’s magnificent Hard Rock Cafe and Compuware Atrium, the spectacle involves food, private cabanas, psychic readings, free “coney dogs”, and a giant seven-foot LED “D” being dropped from way above at midnight, just as the ball is dropped in NYC. Not impressed? Proceeds from the event will be donated to The Heat and Warmth Fund, which helps keep some of the less fortunate Detroit residents nice and cozy for the winter!

See, Detroit is all about about the service!! And we will be a part of this amazing spirit when we head over there and visit our friends at Ruth Ellis and Alternatives for Girls 🙂

So don’t forget, registration is coming up! Be ready at 8:00 A.M. on January 29th to choose your trip. Not sure yet? Come visit all the Co’s and our PM’s on January 24th and 25th at our Information Sessions. You’re also welcome to email Cristie and I at!!

See you all soon 🙂

Hey y’all!

November 27, 2011

Greetings from Texas where fall break feels a little bit like a cool summer day.

Things accomplished over Thanksgiving break:

  • Sleep
  • Daydreaming about Detroit (so much to look forward to!)
  • Baking 
  • Baking dog treats
  • Catching up on Food Network with the pets and family
  • Taking my bunny to the park (she has a leash)
  • Multiple dosages of homemade ice cream (thanks Pops)
  • Watching television with my bunny 

Things not accomplished over Thanksgiving break:

  • Homework

My brother’s frenchie watched her doggie biscuits bake! She knew they were for her.

Pets + Biscuits = friends forever

A few things I am looking forward to about Detroit:

I hope y’alls break was as productive and relaxing as mine. Try to stay positive over these next few weeks. There is so much to look forward to like Detroit. Like Crystal said (pause, isn’t she the greatest?!) the two volunteering sites and housing sound fantastic. We are really going to be able to make a difference. Last year’s Detroit Co Bridget is crashing some office hours as well and is continuously vamping about this food cart that we must go to.  And current ASB CO Jack (Atlanta POH) went on the trip last year and loved it. All this positivity is inspiring. I can’t wait  to make our own memories and our own ASB experience. Sorta like being a family over grilled cheese and people watching and road tripping. 

Greetings from New Jersey!

November 27, 2011


So I told you guys I’m a cat person right? This is my kitty Syrita!! She looks super unhappy, but she’s actually really awesome 🙂

Anyway, Cristie and I CANNOT WAIT to be back on campus and start up our office hours again this week. Remember, we’re at the CSC on Thursday, 11am to noon, so you should come visit us!

We’ve been in contact with both our sites AND our wonderful housing contact. Everything is going great! Alternatives for Girls has already sent us a tentative schedule. A few things they have in mind for us: working with a project that provides training and resources for women exiting the sex industry, watching the residents’ kids while they do some chores (remember: AFG provides temporary housing for girls and women), cooking with the residents, some maintenance projects, and other activities. Sounds great right??? Ruth Ellis also gave us a few updates: they have “Drop-In” days, when we will actually talk to, interact with, and learn from the youth that comes in. The other days, we will be helping with various projects around the center. We’ll be getting more info from them soon!

And don’t get me started on our housing! Brother Paul Domin, our contact at the church we will be staying at for the week, has given me a great summary of where we’ll be staying. The church has a specific area for guests, meant to house 28 people (but we’re the only group staying there that week WOOHOO!), and we will have access to all the guest rooms and bathrooms. We will be separated by sex for our sleeping arrangements. We also have access to a kitchen, dining room, and living room. WE’LL BE LIKE A FAMILY! And guys, I make a mean grilled cheese 🙂

So I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving and a nice break overall. Please please email us at with questions, or stop by our office hours! Cristie and I are looking forward to hearing from you 😀 GOBBLE GOBBLE.